C# Fundamentals

CSF101: 75-Hour Certificate
Instructor: Adam Seebeck
Book: C# Fundamentals (2020)

Learn the popular software development language C# in this fundamentals course. C# can be used to create websites, Android/iOS phone apps, 2d/3d games, and text-based applications.


Blazor Fundamentals

BLF101: 100-Hour Certificate

This course will be available soon!

Learn how to create websites using Blazor. Build interactive Web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript.



  • Textbooks are specifically designed for each course
  • Formats
    • Print
    • Online Interactive
  • Textbook curriculum designed by
    • Industry-leading professionals
    • Experienced teachers
  • Textbooks are streamlined to be user-friendly
    • Clear explanations
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Multiple examples


  • Assignments are graded by an instructor who provides valuable feedback. Instructors will answer your questions, provide suggestions, and mentor you during the course.
  • Instructors have extensive
    • Professional teaching experience
    • Real-world experience in their fields
  • Instructor bios listed on courses contain
    • Credentials
    • Titles
    • Honors
  • Learn directly from the experts.


  • Videos are designed to keep you engaged while learning
  • Video curriculum designed by
    • Industry-leading professionals
    • Experienced teachers
  • Videos contain
    • Easily understandable brief segments
    • Clarifying information
    • Additional information


  • Build fun projects
  • Project benefits
    • Learn through actively doing
    • Create a professional portfolio
    • Receive actionable feedback
  • Practicing is vital to learning


  • Discussion types
    • One-on-one work with instructors
    • Talk with other students
    • Community forums to post questions and comments
  • Collaborate with your peers
  • Build a network of colleagues and professional contacts
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